I'm Valerie Lolomari

Helping You Build Inner Resilience.

I Help you get back on your feet after a traumatic experience, so you can start living live fully again

About Me

Going through life and wearing different hats in business, I have seen life try to throw me down. Each time, I have gotten up, armed with more positivity and grit, hopeful and thankful for a better life ahead.


 I am an award-winning motivational speaker, author and coach. As a resilience coach, I have helped many traumatized women develop resilience while dealing with serious life issues. I also provide support and speak up for women who have been scarred by Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

My show, Talk With Valerie, and books, The unwanted and You can Choose to Get back up are great support to women across the globe.

My Books

You Can Choose To Get Back Up

This book is meant to be an encouragement to every reader. You can choose to get back up even after being knocked down. I was on my knees during the lockdown, crying to God on my own personal issues when I heard the holy spirit telling me to encourage people. I have recognized that a lot of people are hurting in the world with so much uncertainty but one thing that rings through always is that God is consistent in all.  I hope that reading this devotional would help you seek God and ask God your own questions whilst recognizing that there is hope. This devotional has been designed to allow readers to use the journal part to write down their own Journey.

The Unwanted

Imagine an object. Any object… Good.  Now hold it in your mind and imagine for a minute. If that thing is hard pressed, but not crushed or broken; If it is struck but not destroyed, then what will it become? Will it be weaker for that experience, or stronger? If it could choose for itself, would it choose to be always whole, or to pass through the crushing and striking?

Choice is a funny old thing. It is the freedom to choose one thing over another, and our most fundamental human right. I sometimes wonder what paths I would have chosen for myself, given the chance… long before I was born. 

My Videos


What Clients Are Saying

“ I chose to get back up…” “Listening to Valerie’s sessions in the challenge gave me a different outlook on life. It made me stronger and more positive. I highly recommend here to anyone going through difficult times. Her support is topnotch.”


ThIs is just timely, bringing resilience to family level gives a difference edge to it. That means as a family unit we can practice resilience. It is not just an individual thing alone. Thanks to Valeries

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